Other labels for books, however, use concepts drawn from two different domains of experience. These include ‘flag book’, ‘concertina book’, ‘French doors book’, ‘venetian blind book’ and ‘tunnel book’. All of these use concepts related to one domain (the source domain, i.e. flag, concertina) to evoke an understanding about the domain of books (the target domain). The juxtapositions of different words with the term ‘book’ provide cues for cognitive work involving various forms of mappings/projections/linkages between the two domains.

(Jones, 2013, p.124)

In this series of tunnel books I wanted to explore the transitions I experiences from the start of my PhD into my first years as an assistant professor.  The decision to have five tunnel books is representative of the four year journey I have taken to get to this point in my academic career, and the fifth disassembled book represents the year I am progressing through now.  Looking closely at most of the books you can see a figure moves throughout the map layers as the time progresses, this figure represents me as I transitioned into my career.

5 years and counting