Sara Scott Shields, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Art Education at Florida State University. She currently serves as Chair of the Art Education Department.  She received her BFA in Ceramics and Art Education and her MaED in Art Education from East Carolina University, later receiving her PhD in Art Education from The University of Georgia. Dr. Shields has taught at the secondary and collegiate level for 16 years and recently received the Southeastern Higher Educator of the Year award from the National Art Education Association and Higher Educator of the Year award from the Florida Art Education Association. She has presented and published at the state, national, and international level. Her research focus is on how the arts can help students and teachers understand their identity in relationship to the diverse worlds we teach and live in. Her research and curriculum development is focused on the integration of contemporary art, community and personal histories, and how these might work together to create unique opportunities for art educators and students to engage in civically minded and socially just educative encounters.

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