I come from a family of teachers, proud women (and one man) who have devoted their lives to educational pursuits. So naturally I was brought to teaching very early on. Throughout all of my educative movements the process of becoming a teacher and researcher continues to be my main interest.

Philosophically, I believe teaching is best when it is a relational experience encouraging the learner to connect and engage with the content through direct experience. This connecting ultimately requires the student to engage self, teacher, and new knowledge in a never-ending circular process. Too often students are inundated with theory and philosophy in isolation, and while these concepts are central to understanding, they must be taught in relationship to self and one another. I hope to challenge my students to explore how theory and philosophy impact their own trajectories as emerging teachers and researchers.

In my classes I ask my students to document the teaching and learning process through the use of a #hashtag on social media. Below is a running, live feed featuring those posts. I hope this gives you a glimpse into my world as a pre-service educator.